What, exactly, is Corridor Writing?

Run by veteran communications specialist Christine Hawes, Corridor Writing specializes in copywriting for any and all projects of businesses, groups and nonprofits that want to put out their message in the most effective, authentic way possible. Christine has worked for 20+ years in the communications field, including more than a decade in daily newspaper journalism, and several years as both a public relations professional and a political consultant; she is committed to hearing, and sharing, what local businesses and groups want in their writing. Corridor also provides other services, outlined below.

Christine Hawes

I can just write everything myself, so why do I need Corridor?

Yes, you can write everything — but you also have a lot of other things to worry about. Simply because they are writing all the time, professional writers can often compose a piece more efficiently than even you. Writers like Christine at Corridor can take the time, focus and research to really home in on the main message and how to deliver it effectively.  We can help you say the same thing in many different ways — or to say things shorter and more effectively. Corridor Writing will also help ensure your various written pieces complement and support each other. And for online writing, Corridor helps improve your SEO performance, too, with a highly readable focus on keywords.

I already have a graphics design team, and they write things while they’re designing. Why do I need Corridor?

Usually, graphic designers are relieved when they have a professional writer to take the text part of a project off of their hands. Graphic designers realize that just as writers can’t design like they can, neither can graphic designers find the right “turn of phrase” quite as effectively as a professional writer. Corridor Writing will strengthen any project or team, and helps highlight the work of others through thoughtful choice of words.

I don’t know exactly what I actually need or want to say. Can Corridor help me with that?

Absolutely! Corridor Writing specializes in not only providing effective writing, but also in helping business and group leaders find their most effective, authentic message.

Is payment upfront required?

No; Corridor allows various payment arrangements that start with a down payment and involve periodic payments throughout the project, depending on its length and scope.

My field is highly technical and specialized. Can Corridor handle that?

Yes! Corridor’s expertise includes years of effective research for all kinds of groups, causes and published articles. You can count on Corridor to ask the needed questions and conduct the needed research to ensure that even technical projects are accurate, and stand out in their field.

I don’t just need writing; I need graphic design. Can Corridor help me with that?

Though Corridor specializes in writing, Christine also provide basic graphic design services for ads, brochures or mailers — or can match clients to many other graphic designers and artists in the area. Corridor can also connect you with other more extensive graphic design firms, at a bargain rate.

What other services does Corridor provide?

• Project and event management and consulting

• Proofreading

• Political campaign consulting and messaging

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